Video Content

Promote your Business, through Video Storytelling.

The world has changed, and so have our viewing habits. For your business, this is an opportunity to show the faces behind your brand and build a human connection through a multi-sensory message delivery.

The result? Your future customers will feel like they know you, personally. Our team started in TV, way back in the 90s, so we bring old-school video smarts into new, digital viewing requirements.

Video Content Process
Video Content Process

Corporate & Promotional Videos

We begin our collaborations by defining the right strategy to connect with your customers, through our initial script meetings. Whether it’s through a TV channel or social media, the video will lead your viewers to your website… and onto contacting you, personally.

We achieve this, by following four steps:

  1. Choosing the best platform
    For instant reach, we produce videos for social media. Our content placement is core to our strategy and design.
  1. Crafting audience-specific messages
    The first five seconds are the most important. Capture them here, and you’ll have a viewer. We make sure your content hits the mark, immediately. As a part of our briefing process, we define your keys messages and objectives to write an emotionally-connecting script.
  1. The creative & shoot
    The creative is the engine that drives this success. And the fun part of this process. Our trained crew will drive a day of shooting. Whether you want to collaborate or let us get on with us, you tell us. Our Cinematographer and Director are used to working on all sets and locations. Let us know your vision, approach and budget, and we’ll provide a package that suits you.
  1. Promoting & analysing
    Then, it’s back into marketing-mode, helping you to gain traction and optimise your content. This include captions, frame sizing, and suggested seeding techniques.

    If you’re launching into the market, advertising a product, introducing a new team member or providing training materials to employees, our team will help you convey the important message… in a way that’s engaging and aspirational.

Pro Hart Promotional Video

Kevin Charles "Pro" Hart, was an Australian artist, born in Broken Hill and considered the father of the Australian Outback painting movement.


Herbalife Promotional Video

Herbalife Nutrition is a global multi-level marketing corporation that develops, markets, and sells dietary supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and personal-care products.


Grange Golf Club Promotional Video

The Grange Golf Club is one of Australia’s premier sporting venues with two internationally rated 18 hole championship golf courses and an award winning function centre.


Mrs Pegg's Handy Line

Mrs Pegg’s portable indoor/outdoor clotheslines/drying racks are the perfect alternative to conventional clotheslines, electric dryers and airers. Easy to carry, Mrs. Pegg’s portable Handy Lines can be placed anywhere outside but best of all, they are perfect for indoors, especially in apartments to capitalise on household heating and save on energy bills.