SEO Audit

SEO Audit To Grow Your Audience.

Search engines aren’t intuitive when it comes to understanding websites. If a page isn’t optimised to send the right signals, search engines become confused – meaning that your chances of ranking for competitive terms decreases dramatically. From migrations and speed testing to keyword research & competitor analysis, the team at Search & Internet Marketing will flush out the confusions, and give you actionable solutions to get your website on track.

An effective Search Engine Optimisation audit isn’t just about the website, it’s also about assessing backlinks, long tail keywords, meta tags, page speed load and more. We look at relevance, site locations / targets and domain strength just for starters. And after a comprehensive analysis of your current link profile, we’ll almost certainly uncover hidden areas of opportunity to connect you with the people you need to talk with.

With most audits we find common areas for which we regularly provide actionable insights include: canonicalisation, HTTP headers, redirects, URL structures, indexation, faceted navigation, page speed, duplicate content, broken links, structured data and mobile optimisation amongst others.

SEO Process.

SEO Marketing Strategy
SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO Keyword Audit To Connect With Your Audience.

We examine all relevant keywords and determine which ones have the most opportunity for your brand. The findings make up a significant part of the SEO audit, and inform future content marketing activity.

For an SEO audit to be as effective as possible, our first step is to look at the search and competitor landscape. Then we identify which terms we need to be targeting – a balance between chances of conversion, market opportunity, competition and ROI for the website or landing pages we create for your website. There is also a need to minify your CSS and Javascript to help reduce any impacts on your site. 

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