That buzz in their pocket, it could be you.

Few marketing tactics land you right in front of your customers. Email marketing (also know as EDM’s), is one that can. Done right, you can generate enquiries and make sales from your list. But people are smarter than ‘sign up to our newsletter’ flashing banners.

And once on a list, don’t drop to the ‘unsubscribed’ list within a day.

Our email marketing professionals can help you grow your list, market to it, and increase your revenue. It is an art form. We follow a three-step email marketing strategy process, proven to maximise your list, no matter how small it is.

  1. Personalising messages
    We’ve all received an email that’s obviously marketing spam. What sets these apart from emails we jump into, eager to see what’s inside? Personalisation
    Make your emails personal and open rates increase by 16%. Personalisation requires data, clever copywriting and timing.
  1. Segmenting subscribers
    This one tactic can provide better open rates, higher engagement, and more enquires. If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Divide your database and tailor your messages for specific target groups.
  1. Mobile-friendly emails
    60% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. No surprises here. Optimise every email for mobile and you’ll get a better cut-through. Importantly you will see a noticeable increase in open rates a key metric in this field.

SMS & MMS Marketing

Business slow this week? New product or an upcoming promotion? For instant traction, we can plan a text blast to sms your contacts. This highly-effective marketing action can work for every business and is a proven strategy. With over 90% of all texts read within five minutes, it’s a fast way to promote micro campaigns with limited-time offers.

Our SMS marketing service is cost-effective and doesn’t require much input from you.

Further to this, MMS marketing adds a visual element to this approach. Grab their attention, encourage action, and use this rare tactic to your advantage. When was the last time you received a picture message? Maybe never.

Capture and hook them in with an irresistible offer to grab, on the spot. Try this in your small business today.