Pro Hart Art Gallery

Pro Hart was an ‘Outback Legend’, a visual artist “admired by Princes, Presidents and movie stars”.

Pro Hart Art Gallery is the continuation of his legacy, selling limited edition prints, gifts, and other items.

The gallery began working with us over 6 years ago and remains working with us to this day. Together, we’ve managed to grow their sales and business through the use of:

  • Video marketing
  • Print production including packaging
  • The building of an eCommerce website.
  • Building out the online gallery, through which gifts and prints are sold.
  • Attracting more visitors to the physical gallery location through online advertising.
  • Extensive social media marketing (including Instagram, Facebook, and Google Marketing).

Our marketing strategy has helped Pro Hart Art Gallery increase revenue every year and gain notoriety throughout the country, despite an overall decline in the demand for physical art in Australia.

From an article titled “Australian ‘artback’ struggles to meet challenges of declining sales, visitors”: “…the gallery of someone as famous as [Pro Hart] would struggle if [the gallery] had not marketed online and manufactured Pro Hart products.”.

Also in the same article, the son of Pro Hart and the current manager of Pro Hart mentions Search & Internet Marketing: “To target the people we’ve been using Facebook, increasingly. I use a marketing company who are experts in this”.

The marketing strategy implemented and executed by us has led to record-breaking sales figures for the Gallery, including selling over $250,000 of jigsaw puzzles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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