Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line

Based out of South Australia, Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is a portable clothesline manufacturer, offering alternatives to conventional clotheslines, electric dryers, and airers. 

We began working with Mrs Peggs in 2015 when they knew that digital marketing was going to be the way forward to grow their business. Today there is little traditional advertising with our digital sales funnel outperforming traditional giving record results year after year.

Our Agency developed the following services:

  • Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Social Media Marketing (including Instagram and Facebook)
  • Google Marketing (Adwords, Display Ads, etc.)
  • Print Production
  • Video & TV Commercial Production
  • Product photography
  • SEO
  • Product Development/Research

Our online advertising efforts have led to Mrs Pegg’s growing from 1,500 Facebook likes to over 27,000!.Despite being previously focused on print and traditional marketing methods, Mrs Pegg’s is now bigger than ever thanks to our Adelaide Marketing agencies strategies.

We helped Mrs Pegg’s with intensive market research to develop new products and grow their business and we found this very exciting due to their return on investment.

Since first partnering together, we have consistently broken sales records on a monthly basis and grown the business substantially into what it is today. A household name across Australia.