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Social Media Marketing Adelaide

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With so much social media marketing it can be difficult for your Adelaide business to stand out. Big companies as well as SME’s and their Adelaide Social Media Consultants need to have the best social media marketing strategies to get more customers. If you haven’t got the best strategies to stand out the less social media-adept digital marketing companies will fail to get a foothold amongst their client’s potential customers.

All companies or their Adelaide social media consultants want to get in on the benefits of social media management and use it to their advantage, to advertise and market themselves to all the social media users out there. But I hear you ask…there are so many different social media channels, and so many different ways to market on social media?

Here’s what you can do to make your #AdelaideSocialMediaMarketing stand out!


#Twitter is a very popular social media channel. It’s a great way to build a following and keep in contact with your customers. It’s demanding because it’s in real time and that requires constant communication with your followers. If your Adelaide Social Media Consultant can handle it, one way to stand out on Twitter is to send a thank you any time your company gets mentioned. Try to respond to questions the same day, or within the hour if possible.


#Facebook recently changed up their algorithms, so brands are getting less exposure. This makes it more important for them to stand out. One way for this is make short and simple posts. Longer posts tend to not perform as well. Also, asking questions rather than making statements tends to increase interaction. Pinning posts is also a good tactic, especially for drawing attention to current specials or important information. Experiment with Facebook ads, too.

Social Media Marketing Adelaide
Adelaide Social Media Marketing


Use images when you can. Get your Adelaide social media agency to design artwork containing images that are relevant and stand out such as a colourful info graphic or a fun GIF. A photo or animation will catch the eye and more than likely make them stop browsing long enough to look. It will also help with your SEO optimization. Have your Adelaide social media consultant produce videos as they work extremely well.


#Content is King. Remember that. Once your image has caught their eye, the viewer will be looking for the content behind the photo. What they read would determine if they click through. So provide content that will make them want to click. Be sure to keep your target audience in mind when creating your content. What will catch their attention? What are they looking for from you? What answers can you provide to their questions?

Build your Adelaide Social Media community.

Don’t just look for followers. Build your Adelaide social media community with them. Put some personality and humour into your brand with your posts. You want to be “social”, after all. That means you need to entertain your followers once in a while. And remember to converse directly with your followers. Interact with them. Like and respond to their posts. Retweet them. And ask them to interact directly with your posts.

 Social Media Campaigns.

To keep your audience engaged, you need to be engaging as well. One way to do that is run cross-channel campaigns on all your Adelaide social media platforms. But while anyone can run a contest or campaign like this, to stand out you need to make yours have a charitable, inspirational, or emotional component to it — something that will tug at the heartstrings of whoever is reading about it. If your company is already involved in some sort of volunteer work, this is a good way to inspire and engage followers.

How do you do this across channels?

  • Tell a powerful story.
  • Use short quotes about if you have to, and link back to your website so they can find out more.
  • Brand your campaign with a unique name and #hashtags to make it memorable and stand out!

Above all else your Adelaide Social Media Marketing should be fun!

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