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Hiring an Adelaide online marketing agency?

Hiring an Adelaide Online Marketing Agency?

Need to redesign your website?

You need to make sure you partner with an Adelaide online marketing agency not just a website design company. Any kid can design a website but not everyone can produce websites that look great, are easy to use both for front & back end users, and have a real, measurable impact on your revenue stream. Your website is your most valuable marketing asset. It’s your building, reception area and sales team connecting with people every minute. It now mostly represents your major marketing tool so you need to be sure you are either going to get a solid return or look good to your potential leads.

Before you build your website consider hiring an Adelaide online marketing company, But before that you need t think about the following…

Do you need results or branding?

If you’re after a results orientated website to generate leads and to help close the sale make sure you ask for just that. It’s different from a branding website to answer customer questions and uphold your brand values. If you want results – then when evaluating Adelaide online marketing companies you need to see what kind of record they have and what results they produce. During an initial contact, ask online marketing agencies questions about past results they’ve achieved and what they did to get those results. Make sure you ask for specific examples. You might use questions or prompts like:


It’s imperative to have an open and honest relationship with your Adelaide online marketing partner right off the bat. Even before you engage their services, an online marketing agency should be upfront; they should be able to tell you exactly what they do and exactly how they plan to do it. They should give you all the details you need about things like:

Time management.

A project plan is a website design’s best friend. Having a clear timeline in place helps manage expectations, gives you goals/deadlines to work toward, and keeps both the client and your Adelaide online marketing team accountable. Ask for a project plan/timeline – in writing. Ask your Adelaide online marketing company how they handle “bumps in the road.” How flexible is the schedule? Is there time built in for delays?

Does the Online Marketing Agency follow their own advice?

Have you encountered Adelaide advertising agencies who try to sell you social media marketing, but you look at their own social profiles and see Facebook hasn’t been updated in 6 months and their last Tweet was from 2015? If the firm’s own marketing leaves something to be desired, think about what that says about what they can deliver for your Adelaide business.

You may need a mentor.

There are a lot of nuances to Internet marketing, and a lot of jargon, data, misconceptions and myths to sort through. It’s easy to see why business owners get frustrated and how things like SEO get a bad rap.

When choosing your Adelaide online marketing agency to partner with, you don’t want to wind up with someone who takes a “smoke and mirrors” approach. You need to work with someone who not only explains concepts but gives you guidance and advice. Any Adelaide advertising agency can throw jargon at you and be vague when answering your questions. They shouldn’t inundate you with data and expect you to sort through everything and draw conclusions. Your online marketing company should be your mentor, your trusted advisor, and partner that bring ideas to you.

Knowledge is power. You want to work with an Adelaide online marketing agency that enlightens and empowers you

They “Get” You!

A successful website design hinges on your Adelaide online marketing agency gaining a thorough understanding of your business. You shouldn’t receive a cookie-cutter proposal. Partner with someone who is inquisitive; look for an Adelaide online marketing agency that gets inside your head.

If you’d like to know more about how our online marketing can grow your business. Do not hesitate to contact us today via email or call us on 1300 66 76 96.