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Facebook couldn’t kill it. Mobile couldn’t beat it. Even with all the new social media marketing strategies avalaibe your Adelaide email marketing campaign should still be getting sales. Most Adelaide marketing consusltants could still do with some email marketing tips to take advantage of all that email marketing has to offer. Here are some of the better tips for your next Adelaide Email Marketing Campaign.

Quit Over-Personalising

Personalisation is a big email marketing trend but Adelaide Advertising agencies must give users content they want to see, so in theory, the more personalised an email can be, the better. But the problem is personalisation is in overuse. If advertising agencies use first names in email
 subject lines, for example, what was once eye-catching becomes spam-like. There’s also the creep factor: Use too many personalised details, and consumers will freak out about their privacy.

Personalisation isn’t bad – the problem is Adelaide marketing consultants assume more personalisation equals more effectiveness. Personalisation can backfire. But too little personalisation isn’t good either. Half of Adelaide email marketing companies we surveyed send the exact same email to everyone on their list. Only a small percentage of Adelaide advertising agencies use behavior and survey data to help personalise and target emails. Even if your advertising agency markets to a narrow demographic niche you can still uncover differences that merit email segmentation. The key is knowing when to pull back on personalisation.

Email Marketing Adelaide
Email Marketing Adelaide

Test Test Test!

A lot of Adelaide email marketing consultants still don’t bother testing emails to see what clicks with consumers. Only half of Adelaide advertising agencies we know test subject lines and a quarter of Adelaide advertising agencies never test subject lines. The lack of testing is pretty crazy; given that subject lines are the first things consumers see to entice them to open an email.

Without testing, your marketing company is leaving clicks on the table. The headlines or subject lines that resonate most with consumers may surprise you—that’s why you test. Going with your gut instincts on subject lines, content, even email layout, is too risky!

Use Behavioral Triggers

Behavior-based emails rely on user cues as the email trigger. For example, items left in an online shopping cart should trigger a reminder email.

This form of personalised marketing represents another tactic not consistently utilised by Adelaide advertising agencies. Few Adelaide Marketing Companies currently email users based on web behavior. Those behaviors include subscribing to a website, abandoning a cart, or not visiting as frequently.

Employing behavioral triggers can dramatically impact the bottom line. Don’t bombard users with multiple abandoned cart emails when one is sufficient. Don’t creep the user out by using highly personal data to trigger emails. Keep it useful.

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Email Marketing needs Variety!

Think Variety

While a lot of Adelaide Advertising Agencies think they have a sweet spot for emailing, too much of one thing can get tedious for consumers. Try more variety by switching things up. Unless your Adelaide advertising agency tests different approaches, they’ll never know!

With so many things competing for consumer attention and the emails seemingly increasing in frequency (without a corresponding bump in relevance), consumers are more inclined to view brand emails as annoying pests that require regular unsubscribe purges.

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