About Us

Search & Internet Marketing
is a no fluff, results driven agency.

We get you more enquiries, more cost efficiently.

Search & Internet Marketing is a boutique Adelaide Marketing Agency founded in 2015. Our dedicated team takes a hand-on approach with absolute personal attention. We offer over 20 years of experience in retail and B2B marketing for Adelaide-based businesses competing both locally and nationally. We cover the entirety of your marketing, helping your business produce maximum results with cost-effective advertising.

We take care of:

Our agency handles all of your marketing, from start to finish. We work closely with you to ensure your messaging and advertising aligns with your brand and the expectations of your customers.

Search & Internet Marketing specialises in conceptualising unique and brand relevant:

We are not just another marketing agency, or these ‘experts’ who call themselves ‘marketing specialists’ just because they know their way around Facebook.

We’ve been involved in traditional advertising way before social media and online media were the go to places. We know the fundamentals of good marketing and have witnessed first-hand the rise of platforms like Facebook and Google, which gives us a unique advantage over other agencies.

The internet is a crowded space – brands spend millions of dollars every day fighting for the attention of online consumers. This fierce competition demands what we call ‘the new frontier of advertising’. This means a marketing strategy that combines both creativity and data.

We rely heavily on the ‘data and science’ of marketing, along with industry-leading creative advertising to get the attention your brand deserves. We’ve spent decades learning the algorithms and doing the research to figure out how to help our clients stand out and create successful advertising campaigns online.

About Philip Hopkins

Philip Hopkins, Managing Director and Founder of Search & Internet Marketing, brings decades of experience working ‘in the trenches’ as Creative Strategist & Marketing Director for various South Australian media and advertising firms.

Formerly a TV Commercial Producer and Video Game Developer, Philip worked alongside Hollywood stars (including Vin Diesel and Naomi Watts) in creative roles before directing his full attention to digital marketing.

Philip has been involved in the online advertising world since before Facebook and Google were prevalent in the digital world. Having watched these platforms grow into the major marketing mediums they are today, Philip – along with the Search & Internet Marketing team – have seen it all and know exactly what it takes to find your target customers and get the attention your business deserves.